Please kindly note that from 31st July 2022 we will no longer be accepting paper-based applications. Please click here to login to our online application system.
Applications can only be made by a club or non-profit body which is an incorporated society and/or registered charity. Individuals cannot apply for grants. An application may be made by an organisation for an individual to compete or participate in an event. In such cases you will need to demonstrate that the grant to enable the individual to compete or participate has a wider benefit to the community or a section of the community.
An application can only be made for an authorised purpose. An authorised purpose is an event, project, activity or item that qualifies for funding. Our authorised purpose is as follows:
BlueSky Community Trust may make grants for authorised purposes as follows:
a. any charitable purpose;
b. any non-commercial purpose that is beneficial to the whole or a section of the community; and
c. promoting, controlling, and conducting race meetings under the Racing Act 2003, including the payment of stakes.
The above authorised purpose includes (but is not limited to):
 ● general public education; 
 ● education scholarships (provided the students are selected in a fair and open manner after public advertising, and are overseen by a recognised educational authority or school board, and provided that they are limited to primary and secondary level);
 ● non-profit community cultural or arts festivals;
 ● the promotion of public amenities such as parks or museums;
 ● supporting non-commercial emergency rescue services;
 ● grants to recognised charitable organisations (e.g. Plunket, Salvation Army or Red Cross) to further the objectives of these groups;
 ● public sports facilities (e.g. a stadium) provided that the facilities are not used primarily for professional sport;
 ● amateur sport;
 ● amateur sports coaches for specific short-term coaching courses and coaching clinics for junior sports people;
 ● ground maintenance for amateur sporting facilities;
 ● overseas travel to genuine amateur sporting tournaments;
 ● trophies and modest non-cash prizes; and
 ● wages and salaries where the employing body has an entirely non­commercial community or charitable purpose and provided that the payment of a wage is necessary to achieve the authorised purpose.
Grants will not be made for:
 ● groups or individuals standing for an election to public office;
 ● lobby groups or action/pressure groups (e.g. Greenpeace, or Sensible Sentencing Trust);
 ● social events, e.g. school balls, family reunions, entertainment in pubs or clubs, sporting trips for supporters or spectators, or after match functions for sporting groups.
 ● personal or commercial gain;
 ● professional sport; or
 ● "social" sports clubs (such as corporate leagues).
You can make an application for any amount up to the maximum of the quotes that you have received.
If you are GST registered, only the GST exclusive amount can be applied for.
No. Grants must be approved prior to money being spent on the item detailed in the grant application.
Applications can be made at any time but will only be considered at meetings of the Board. 
You should also include any additional information about your organisation so that we can see what your organisation does and why it needs the funds.
  • If your organisation is incorporated, please upload a copy of the certificate of incorporation.
  • If your organisation is a registered charity, please upload evidence of registration on the charity register.
  • Please upload a list of your organisation’s board members, trustees or committee members.
  • Please upload a list of cost breakdown details.
  • Please upload a pre-printed bank deposit slip and that the account name is the same as the legal name of your organisation.
  • Please upload a copy of your meeting minutes/resolution to apply for funding to BlueSky Community Trust.
  • If the application is for goods or services, please upload two competitive quotes that are less than 3 months old, or where appropriate, other evidence to show that the cost is reasonable. Quotes must be on supplier letterhead. The quote provider must be a current New Zealand registered company.
  • If the application is for rent, please upload a signed current lease agreement. If applicable, please enclose a rental valuation report or rental appraisal to show that the rent is reasonable.
  • If the application is for wages or salary, please upload a signed current employment agreement complete with a detailed job description and work plan. Contractor’s contract without any tax deduction will not be acceptable.
  • If applicable, please upload evidence that your organisation is affiliated to a recognised regional or national body.
  • Please upload a copy of the organisation’s financial accounts/audited accounts.
If you are applying for funds you should only apply for the full amount from one gaming trust at a time. You can however split the amount applied for amongst several trusts if you wish.
The Board meets monthly to review grant applications. You will be notified about your application within 5 days after the meeting. The results will also be published on the website on a six monthly basis.
Grants will be direct credited to your bank account within 5 days after the application is approved. You will need to supply your organisation's bank deposit slip with your application.
The funds must be spent within 3 months of the grant being made.
You must send us copies of invoices, receipts and bank statements within 3 months of the grant being made to verify that the grant has been used in accordance with the purpose approved.
Any grant money not spent on the purpose approved must be returned to us within 3 months of the grant being made.
We are licensed to operate gaming machines, solely for the purpose of raising money for distribution to the community for authorised purposes. The funds come from the gaming machine proceeds generated at our venues.
Complaints can be made to our Managing Director by writing to the Trust. The Trust will aim to respond to all complaints within 20 working days. Complaints about the conduct of BlueSky Community Trust may also be made to the Secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs at: PO Box 10-095, Wellington.
Please contact us on one of the following:
Phone: 022 522 0096
Email communication is our preferred method of contact.